Commercial Upholstery: How New Fabric Designs Can Impact Your Business Personality

25 June 2018

Aesthetics are a very important aspect of what makes businesses successful in a highly competitive world. However, there are a lot of businesses that still choose to retain outdated aesthetics furnishings and opt to not bother changing these, and this can have a negative effect on businesses.

Doing something as simple as updating the aesthetics of an office space or place of business can make all the difference to boost one’s popularity, or revamp a tired and old image into something newer and more relatable. In most cases, simply updating the upholstery of a place of business is enough to bring in much-needed appeal.

Nevertheless, it is not uncommon that owners and managers still make the mistake of choosing the wrong kinds of fabric for their business that become more detrimental than helpful. To help, here are some things you ought to know before buying new fabric designs to spruce up your business:

The Power of Commercial Upholstery and Why It Can Work For Your Business

  • It can be used to set a theme – a lot of places of business, especially for companies in the food industry, follow a specific interior design theme. If the theme is consistent with the business, or if it shows some degree of authenticity, then there is a very large possibility that it will become popular, and might even become a trademark.

Basically, any appealing fabric design that allows furniture to stand out of the crowd is a sure-fire way to get ahead of the competition.

  • It can be used to denote class or exude quality – nobody likes a shoddy place of business, and the fabrics you choose for your upholstery often reflect the state of your business at large. While you don’t really find posh fabrics like velvet in run-of-the-mill diners, you can use fabrics to accentuate cheaper material, or employ synthetics to emulate far more expensive materials, so it enhances the appeal and credibility of your place of business.
  • It can influence the mood of a room – certain fabric types and textures, and even certain colours or colour-combinations, can all influence the mood of your business. As an example, plush fabrics help to cultivate a feeling of comfort, while leather and leatherettes exude a sense of urgency. Reds will create a feeling of hunger and want, while blues subdue and soothe people’s moods.

Knowing what to expect from your business, and then employing the appropriate fabrics to facilitate your desired outcomes, will do wonders.

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