Commercial Reupholstery: What are the Reasons that Make It Sustainable?

24 May 2021

Commercial establishments of all types depend on expert reupholstery services to improve and maintain the appearance of their offices, showrooms, boutiques and restaurants. Quality upholstered furniture is essential for the attractive presentation of interior spaces in all business settings today. There are strong current requests and needs for the use of green, sustainable reupholstery fabrics in commercial interior decor. By embracing this eco-friendly trend, business owners are joining the countrywide and global effort to preserve natural resources.

What Makes Commercial Reupholstery Sustainable and Eco-Friendly?

The following features and benefits of commercial reupholstery make this practice sustainable and environmentally friendly:

  • Reduces Waste Materials. In business settings, the majority of old and worn or damaged furnishings are discarded and replaced regularly. Although this enhances the visual appeal of a commercial setting, it can also be quite costly and wasteful. Many older pieces and sets of furniture can be repaired, repurposed and used by other companies. When professionally reupholstered, these older furnishings can be redesigned and refurbished, transforming them into the stunning decor. They can revitalize the look of other business interiors rather than being discarded to overload landfills.
  • Promotes Tree Conservation. A vast number of trees can be preserved when commercial reupholstery is widely practised. A large percentage of commercial furniture is still made of wood from superior quality trees. If these furnishings are carted off to landfills when they show wear-and-tear, more lumber must be harvested from growing forests. Companies that engage the services of commercial furniture reupholstery and redesigning experts can help save significant numbers of trees.
  • Lowers Energy Consumption. Commercial reupholstery services also offer sustainable benefits by lowering and stabilising the rates of energy consumption. The amount of energy required to repurpose older furniture is significantly less than the power required to manufacture new pieces. Using green reupholstery fabrics when redesigning and revitalizing older furniture can also lower the rates of energy consumption considerably.
  • Enhances Aesthetics of Business Interiors. Many older furniture sets and pieces have greater levels of superior quality design, construction and materials than currently made furnishings. They are also often more attractive and effective as quality items of durable decor. These refurbished pieces or sets of furniture will usually outlast any newer designs that you can buy. High-quality commercial reupholstery can provide ongoing benefits as a green, sustainable alternative to buying newly manufactured furnishings.
  • Creates Unique Furniture Designs. By combining the basic structure of vintage items of furniture with contemporary upholstery fabric designs, colours, patterns and textures, you can create a unique and highly attractive commercial interior. Business associates, visitors, clients and company employees will all be impressed and inspired by your quality customised interior decor. The unique colour tones and wood grains of your repurposed furniture will be beautifully accented by the stunning designs and colouration of the latest styles in reupholstering fabrics.

When you consult our experts at Absolute Upholstery in Petersham, NSW, you will receive excellent advice concerning commercial reupholstery services. Our experienced team will provide you with the upholstering fabric choices, designs, patterns, colours and textures to greatly enhance the interior spaces of your company offices, showroom, hotel, retail shop or restaurant. Our professionals will ensure that your reupholstered furnishings completely satisfy and even surpass your highest expectations and needs.


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