Best Outdoor Fabrics for Furniture Upholstery

13 July 2020

Pieces of furniture that are located and installed outdoors tend to wear more due to the existence of exterior elements like harsh sunlight and moisture. Even if they are made from high-quality materials, some of their surfaces and finish may still possess fading effects, mould accumulation, and other damaging effects from different elements.

One best way to resolve outdoor furniture problems is through furniture upholstery. Furniture upholstery is the process of providing furniture items with paddings, springs, webbing, fabric, covers, and other related components that are all according to the owner’s preferences. The purpose of this process is to preserve and improve the quality of existing or old furniture pieces. Upholstery can also replace the material or components of furniture pieces to prolong their service life and make them more functional.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Outdoor Fabric

Furniture upholstery can change numerous parts and components of outdoor furniture. One of these parts is its fabric. Whenever you select a fabric for the furniture upholstery, you must consider certain factors that can make your furniture look great and function well.

One factor that you must consider in choosing the fabric is its durability. Since outdoor furniture is typically exposed to moisture, heat, insects, and other elements, you must pick a fabric that can resist their damaging effects. Additionally, you must assess the fabric’s overall appearance, which can be assessed through the material’s print, colour, and style. Cleaning and maintenance must also be considered in choosing your fabric. The material must be easily cleaned by any mild soapy solution so that you no longer have to buy expensive cleaning solutions. Despite the enhanced properties of your chosen fabric, you must still clean your upholstered outdoor furniture to ensure its longer service life.

If possible, you can opt to combine and mix two or more types of fabric for your outdoor furniture pieces. Combining fabric materials can enhance the overall protective properties of your furniture pieces against elements and at the same time make your possessions look unique and eye-catching.

Outdoor Fabric Options for Furniture Upholstery

Outdoor furniture pieces like chairs and tables must have great upholstery to ensure they do not age and get damaged easily. Fortunately, there are numerous fabric options available for outdoor furniture upholstery. Some of these options include polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and solution-dyed acrylic.

Polyester is a type of fabric that is durable enough to resist different outdoor elements. It also has a wide variety of print and style options that can cater to most furniture owners. The material is also cheap and affordable, making it one of the most valuable fabric options for upholstery.

PVC is one of the easiest materials to clean. This type of fabric can resist extreme heat, moisture, and chemicals. It can also be recycled again after using it on outdoor furniture. However, touching the surface of PVC fabric especially during hot or warm summer days can feel sticky at times.

Solution-dyed acrylic is a type of synthetic fabric that can withstand mildew and fading. What makes this material recommendable for outdoor furniture upholstery is that it always remains soft and comfortable to touch or sit on despite long hours of direct sunlight exposure.

These fabric options are among the best materials for your outdoor furniture upholstery. If you want to have your outdoor furniture upholstered, just give us a call at Absolute Upholstery. For many years, we are well-known as a high-quality upholsterer, both for domestic and commercial clients. We can take on all kinds of upholstery work, from small repairs to large commercial fitouts.

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