Best Material Options for Reupholstering Furniture from Foam to Fabric

21 September 2017

Whether it is for a couch or chair in your home, or for commercial furniture at the office, re-upholstery can effectively transform the look and feel of worn and tired spaces, especially when utilising the best foam and fabric options available. When the selection of colours, fabric, and fabric patterns are used to achieve the style you are after, it can literally make old furniture feel and look new, and, there is nothing better than new furniture to breathe life back into old spaces.

While many people first consider the colour and pattern designs of furniture fabric to achieve the style they are after, it is what you can’t see – the guts of your furniture – that is just as important.

Foam – The Most Important Part of Upholstery Projects

Under even the fanciest of fabric exteriors, hidden from sight, are the guts of the furniture, and, the best material to use is upholstery foam. While years ago furniture stuffing consisted of various materials such wool, cotton, animal hair, and even feathers. Today, the best material available for furniture stuffing is high density upholstery foam. Why high density foam?

High density upholstery foam is rated using a numbering system, the higher the number reflects the better the quality. High quality upholstery foam is more resistant to clumping or breaking apart, improves the appearance, longevity, comfort level, and durability of furniture. It is recommended to opt for durable foam for reupholstering quality furniture because it will determine how much wear and tear it can endure, and it will also reduce sagging over time.

Best Fabric Options for Reupholstering Furniture

The best fabric options for reupholstering furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it is the craftsmanship that really matters the most when it comes to making your furniture look like new again. With that said, some of the most commonly used upholstery fabrics include:

Leather – great durability, can be treated for stain resistance, easy to clean, but costs more than other fabrics.

Velvet – made of poly-blend or high-density wool, it can endure a lot of use, available in many colours, and is a highly versatile fabric.

Latex – it is a fabric that offers a unique stain look and feel, and is recommended for use on furniture in rooms that don’t receive daily use.

Microfibre – an affordable and versatile fabric that can be used to reupholster furniture meant for any room in a house, or for commercial furniture, and is the most pet-friendly furniture fabric.

Each of these materials have qualities that may be best for different types of furniture that are used in certain settings. So, when it comes time to reupholstering a sofa, chair, or office furniture, a professional upholsterer can help you to determine the best rating of high density upholstery foam and fabric material to use.

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