Benefits of Wall Upholstery for Small Office Spaces

10 May 2021

Wall upholstery is a major element of interior decor for your small office spaces that can brighten the entire workplace. You can select the ideal fabrics, colours, patterns and textures to add elegant luxury or casual warmth to each room. Whether you are upholstering a complete interior, one feature wall or a niche, wall coverings make a strong fashion statement.

By using traditional wall upholstering methods or today’s updated panels and clip systems, upholstery experts can create stunning results. Your company staff members will appreciate working in offices enhanced by this inspiring decor. In addition, your clients, guests and business associates will be impressed with your stylish wall coverings in the reception and conference areas.

Main Benefits of Installing Wall Upholstery in Small Office Spaces

Primary benefits of including attractive wall upholstery designs in your small office spaces include the following:

  • Stunning Decor. Many different types of upholstery fabric are currently used on walls in commercial offices. These fabrics include cotton, wool, linen, silk, rayon, nylon, hemp and polyester. Polypropylene and both natural and faux leather are also popular choices. The aesthetic appeal and value of your workspaces can be greatly improved with the use of any of these fabrics.

Some business owners and interior designers like to combine beautiful wood panelling or leather insets with contemporary, retro, classic or rustic style wall fabrics. Whatever your preference, there are myriad designs, colours and textures in wall upholstery to meet your desires and needs.

  • Noise Reduction. When you install upholstery on the walls of your small office interiors, you will experience impressive levels of noise reduction. During important meetings in offices and conference rooms, participants will no longer be distracted by external noise.

Echoing sound during recorded presentations and ordinary noise created by moving chairs or equipment will also be softened. Additionally, the general acoustical quality of your rooms will be enhanced.

  • Improved Insulation. Your office workspaces will stay warmer in cold weather and cooler during the warm months with upholstered walls. The visual warmth of fabric or leather-covered walls also creates the appearance and feeling of warmth in your rooms.

In a cold climate, you may want to choose upholstery fabrics with warm earth colours or bright, cheerful shades like rose-red, yellow-gold and sky-blue. This can add to a room’s warm, inviting appeal.

  • Cost Efficiency. Although some wall upholstery can be quite costly, there is a wide price range among fabrics, vinyl, leather and faux leather. You can easily find a reasonably priced, beautiful and suitable wall covering to create stunning small office interiors.

Since the right upholstery colours, patterns and textures can also visually enlarge your workspaces, wall upholstery can make your business setting seem larger and more impressive. No need to rent, purchase or build additional office space until you need to expand your business.

  • Low Maintenance. Very little maintenance is needed to keep your upholstered office walls in good condition. They do need regular dusting or vacuuming, but only occasional cleaning by a professional cleaning service.

By consulting our experts at Absolute Upholstery in Petersham, NSW, you can obtain excellent advice, upholstery fabrics and designs for enhancing the walls of your small office spaces.


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