Absolute Upholstery: Giving Old Chairs and Sofas a New Life

25 July 2017

Diamonds are forever, but furniture doesn’t last that long. Much like anything else, chairs and sofas eventually wear out depending on their usage and quality. On average, you can expect most run-of-the-mill furniture to last at least 5 years before they show signs of old age. Wooden chairs will develop that unmistakable dullness and obvious scratches will appear. Sofas will get saggy seats, some tears on the cloth or leather are common, and not to mention the occasional squeaking noise that is infamous whenever someone takes a seat!

Within 10 to 15 years after buying even quality furniture, the time comes when these need to be replaced. Unfortunately, getting new replacement furniture is costly, as new sofa and chair sets can easily run over $1000. Instead of buying new furniture, why not consider having your old chairs and sofas brought back to life with the help of Absolute Upholstery.

How It Works

Absolute Upholstery is a furniture upholstery service based in New South Wales, and what they basically do is recondition old or worn furniture so they will look, feel, and function like brand new. It is possible to have your sofas and chairs looking like the day you bought them, instead of buying new expensive furniture, by giving them a fresh look with the use of different padding and fabrics. Also, repairs are included in the upholstery price, such as springs and other fixtures are replaced, and wooden parts are polished and repainted.

Why Upholstery Is A Good Idea

Compared to other furniture, sofas and chairs wear out the fastest since they are frequently used more, and factors such as improper use and the lack of cleaning and maintenance further shorten the lifespan of home furnishings. The services provided by Absolute Upholstery are a cost-effective solution to keeping your furniture in their best possible shape. The company provides repairs and refurbishing, using only excellent quality materials to ensure that your chairs and sofas last a long time.

Re-upholstery can save you a great deal of money than buying new furniture, and, if you happen to be hanging on to antiques or pieces with sentimental value, these can also be repaired and reupholstered to preserve your family’s memories.

Absolute Upholstery is owned and operated by Michael Owen, a professional who has 36 years of experience in the field. He received his training and qualifications from the School of Furniture in London, UK. So, you know that your furniture will be in good hands.

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