5 Phenomenal Ways to Choose Restaurant Upholstery Fabrics

25 March 2022

A restaurant has to take care of its reputation and to do that you need to care about the quality of everything, especially of your decor. You should pay attention to your seating areas, and if you want to reupholster your furnishings, choose the fabric you use carefully.

Why is the fabric choice so important? Easy. Choose the wrong upholstery fabric, and you could have problems with stains or tears just a few months after you finish reupholstering and paying for the new design. In addition, if you choose fabrics that are too cheap you could be sacrificing the overall look you want.

Choose the Right Upholstery for Your Business

Think about practicality when looking for upholstery fabric for your restaurant. Consider the amount of traffic the area gets. If you plan on using the fabric in a high-traffic area, you need a durable fabric that can withstand the test of time.

At this stage of your decision-making process, it is important to consider the durability of the fabric more than the design. Keep in mind, that engineered or combined manufactured and natural fabrics are better suited to high-traffic restaurant areas.

Think about location. Remember sunlight is harsher on furnishing so you should consider whether the new furniture will be in direct sunlight. If this is the case, be sure you use highly durable products, and if possible, you want to keep furniture out of the sun. But if necessary, then choose fade-resistant fabrics.

Using Patterns and Styles

Some patterns are more appropriate for hiding stains and adding more visual interest to the room. Many patterns help hide minor spills and stains. They also handle wear and tear more efficiently than single-coloured fabrics.

Whatever pattern you do use, be sure it complements the rest of the restaurant’s design. The general idea is to make customers interested in your restaurant, so they need to see themselves sitting in your chairs, relaxing, enjoying the food and the people they are with. For this reason, pay attention to the visual appearance of patterns and visualize your choices in your restaurant.

Woven Patterns work best. Here is a great tip when using patterns. Woven patterns look more expensive than printed ones.

Size matters. Designers suggest large patterns are used solely on small furnishings but these patterns may not do well on large pieces like sofas and armchairs.

Choosing Fabric Colour

When choosing fabrics, choose colours that portray a mood. Warm colours create a warm relaxing mood. When you use these colours, you create a warm relaxing atmosphere, a place where your customers can see themselves relaxing and having a nice cocktail.

On the other hand, bright colours bring on happiness and excitement. These colours can work in a restaurant, but it depends on your theme. For instance, family-themed restaurants might work well with bright designs, but more elegant venues may not work well with these styles.

Fabric Grade

Think quality when you think of fabric grade. This characteristic goes beyond the material. It is about the fibres used and the way the fabric is made. Manufacturers use an alphabetic rating to qualify the grade of fabric. A is the cheapest and H is the most expensive. Some fabrics are also graded numerically, with low numbers being the cheapest.

Double Rub Fabrics

Manufacturers determine the strength of fabrics by doing the double rub test. This process determines how the fabric will wear over time. So if a fabric is rated at 3000 double rubs, it will last for about a year. When the fabric is rated at 15,000 double rubs, makers consider it heavy duty.

These are the features to consider when upholstering furniture for your new restaurant design project. Be sure to use mood boards and post pictures on your board. You can also place fabric samples next to furniture to get a better idea of what fabric will look like. If you still have doubts ask the upholsterer to only upholster a sample so you can see what your furnishings will look like in the restaurant. It is much better to pay for a single chair than 50 that may not look appealing to you.

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