5 Pet-friendly Fabrics that You Can Use for Reupholstery

28 August 2020

Indoor pets like dogs and cats love to play with whatever things they can access. Be it walls or furniture, they do not truly mind if they get these things scratched or damaged. It is in their nature to be lively, especially when they feel relaxed and adored. However, the things they get scratched on are often not left with a lively appearance.

Aside from scratches, numerous hair strands from the pets can also accumulate on furniture pieces over time. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, pet hairs will always stick on furniture that is coated with specific fabrics. Fortunately, several fabrics do not only attract pet hair but can also prevent getting damaged from scratches and abrasions from pets.

If you are thinking of reupholstering your furniture pieces, here are 5 pet-friendly fabrics that you can use.


Denim is a type of fabric that is known for its dyed warp thread and white weft thread. The twill weaves of this fabric allow them to have a diagonal ribbing that makes it extremely durable and resistant to scratches. The tight weaves of denim also prevent any materials from latching onto them. Both properties of denim make them suitable for properties with pets as they do not allow scratches and pet hairs from ruining their appearance and ruggedness. They can even be cleaned easily with mild soap and water.


A lot of industries have been utilising leather material in creating different products for a very long time now. From shoes to bags, this specific fabric is maximised due to its appearance and perceived resistance against dry abrasion. When upholstered to furniture, the leather fabric does not allow pet hairs to stick onto them. Pet scratches, however, may still damage the leather surface. Leather can also darken in colour, especially if your pets tend to stay on the same spot of the furniture regularly.


Microfibres are synthetic fibres that are durable and soft to the touch, which is great for homes with pets. They do not get ripped or scratched by pets easily due to the dependable weaving patterns that they possess. Pet hairs that will accumulate on the microfibre surface can likewise be removed with a lint brush. The most common type of microfibre that is being used for reupholstering furniture pieces today is polyester. Nylon can also be used to cover the furniture as it can be altered easily.


Homes with pets can easily take advantage of canvas slipcovers since they do not get damaged or scratched easily. Additionally, the coverage of these slipcovers allows furniture pieces to have a longer lifespan. Cleaning these canvas slipcovers is also easy since they can just be washed by tossing them in a washing machine. And if ever the slipcovers become hardly scratched, you can easily replace them due to their overall cheap pricing.

Outdoor Fabrics

Materials that are categorised under outdoor fabrics can conveniently repel stains and foul odour from elements or products that may be spilled onto them. Reupholstering your furniture pieces with this type of fabric makes them usable wherever you want them to install. Pets will also have a hard time damaging them since most of them are scratch-resistant. Some types of outdoor fabrics that can be used in reupholstering furniture pieces include vinyl, cotton, and canvas.

Whatever fabric you choose among these options, you are still guaranteed to obtain the best reupholstery material that is truly pet-friendly.

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