5 Best Ideas to Turn Your Old and Rickety Household Lounges into Something Useful

11 September 2018

Do you have an old and rickety household lounge laying around your home, but you don’t really want to get rid of it because it has sentimental value? If that’s the case, you are not alone, many people have old lounges like you and would like to keep them if at all possible, and it is possible, if you know how to turn them into something useful again.

Before seriously thinking about throwing out your old household lounge and buying a new one, consider repairing and restoring it. It is not that difficult, with some good ideas you can make it work and save money too.

Here are the 5 best ideas to turn your old and rickety household lounges into something useful again:

1) Move it to a useful location – where is your old lounge? Is it stuck in your garage collecting dust? If it is, then the first thing you should do is move it some place where it can be useful, if possible, even if it is in the garage. Remove anything placed on it so that it can be used until you fix it up better, and then move it into the house, at least it’s being used.

2) Clean and wash the upholstery – you might be surprised to find that simply cleaning and washing the upholstery can breathe life back into an old and rickety lounge, especially if it has been sitting in storage for a long time?

3) Make needed repairs – your old lounge may be rickety because it has broken or worn furniture legs? Sometimes, just replacing the legs with new ones can make your lounge more stable and look newer.

4) Painting where possible – for household lounges that have exposed wooden frames, a simple sanding and an application of a fresh coat of paint can make it look new again.

5) Reupholstery – the truly best way to turn your old and rickety household lounges into something useful again is to have them reupholsted. Re-upholstery can definitely make your old and rickety household lounges useful again, and it can save you a lot of money because it’s cheaper than buying a new lounge.

Actually, reupholstering is the best way to make old lounges and chairs useful again, that’s because during the process these will be repaired where needed, and then reupholstered with your choice of stylish fabric that can match any room in your house.

So, if you have an old rickety household lounge in your garage, you don’t have to throw it out, you can make it useful again by reupholstering it at Absolute Upholstery.

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