Upholstery using Velvet Fabric: A Way to Give an Old Furniture a Luxurious Look

22 October 2019

Restoring old furniture has become a trend nowadays. It is proven to have countless advantages in the long run. In terms of aesthetics, refurbishing previously-used furniture can give off a vintage vibe wherever you plan to place it. Aside from that, it is economically friendly since it reduces the necessity to purchase new household fixtures. Lastly, by reusing an otherwise disposed piece of furniture, you will significantly benefit the environment by minimising the trash it obtains. However, restoring old furniture to an absolute beauty can be quite tricky. It is possible that over time, the fixture has endured wear and […]

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Revive Your Home Patio with the Upholstery of Your Outdoor Furniture

07 October 2019

Patios have always been very popular spots to spend lazy, quiet afternoons, or humid evenings, which is why comfortable outdoor furniture is important. Although the practice is not as popular as it used to be, as people are spending more time indoors, there are some who are rediscovering the benefits of spending more time outdoors. If you are fortunate enough to have a patio space in your own home, and you already have some outdoor furniture, then you might as well make the best out of it by reviving the practice of lounging about comfortably outdoors. All it takes to […]

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Upholstery: A Sustainable Solution for Your Old Furniture

19 September 2019

Upholstery these days can undoubtedly be expensive – especially if you’re looking for more than just the DIY-quasi-disposable sort of furniture that will actually last you more than a couple of years. Short of garage sales and flea market bargain finds, you’d be hard-pressed to find furniture of the same quality and durability as older pieces. If you are lucky enough to have quality old furniture, then you are better off considering re-upholstering it rather than selling your old furniture off at a garage sale. Upholstery may seem like an out-dated practice, but it’s actually a very practical way to […]

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Common Amateur Upholstery Mistakes that You Should Avoid

04 September 2019

Whether you rent or own your home, an effective way to transform your living area into a luxurious space is by upgrading your old furniture. Reupholstery is an affordable alternative to purchasing new furniture, and if done correctly can make old and worn furniture look new again. Because of the internet and channels such as YouTube, there are many DIY videos available that show people how to upholster all types of furniture and furnishings such as couches, chairs, and pillows. However, while most DIY upholstery videos are geared towards amateur upholsterers, advise and techniques given are at time not consistent, […]

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Upholstery of Chiropractor and Massage Tables: Contact Absolute Upholstery

22 August 2019

Medical furniture such as exam tables, chiropractor and massage tables are of paramount importance to chiropractors and massage therapists, as their careers depend on first impressions and repeat business. So, it is important that the furniture they use is in good condition. Is the upholstery of your chiropractor and massage tables attractive and inviting to your patients and clients? Not only can the condition of your chiropractor tables and massage tables affect the first impression of people, but also the condition of the upholstery of your waiting room furniture as well. When it comes to considering reupholstery of your chiropractor […]

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