Welcome the New Year with Newly Upholstered Furniture

December 13, 2019

To prepare for the New Year, you should treat yourself to newly upholstered furniture. Whether you own a commercial establishment or a home, replacing worn upholstering, brightens up sofas, chairs and other padded furnishings. While it is easy to find places to perform this action for you, it is imperative that you turn to one that guarantees quality results.

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Know the Best Upholstery Fabric When You Have Pets at Home

December 2, 2019

Pets are indeed one of the greatest creatures to ever grace our otherwise bleak and mundane world. Whatever their sizes are, whether they are -- big, small, furry or ferocious-looking, they sure have made our lives better in one way or another. They have become our constant and consistent companions that we made them part of our families. But it is not all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to these adorable animals. There are instances wherein we scratch our heads out of frustration because these cute ones can be messy.

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Cushions for Sofas: Tips on How to Mix and Match with Your Upholstery

November 22, 2019

Sofa cushions are important elements for every room inside your home. Whether for your living room or bedroom, sofa cushions should be able to match your overall theme and design. But how do you mix and match? It’s easier to call for an interior design expert or someone who has a good eye for design. But, if you don’t have these luxuries, then you might just settle doing it yourself.

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Furniture Reupholstery: A Good Idea When Moving to a New Home

November 5, 2019

Moving into a new home is never easy. There are a lot of unpacking, preparing, and modifying done in order to settle into the new area of residence. Every nook and cranny must be checked and cleaned to ensure the safety of each person. Moving to a new home offers a fresh start for individuals and families. They could redecorate, renovate and extend their homes in more ways than one so that they can make the new place their own. One specific method to ensure this is by furniture reupholstery.

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Upholstery using Velvet Fabric: A Way to Give an Old Furniture a Luxurious Look

October 22, 2019

Restoring old furniture has become a trend nowadays. It is proven to have countless advantages in the long run. In terms of aesthetics, refurbishing previously-used furniture can give off a vintage vibe wherever you plan to place it. Aside from that, it is economically friendly since it reduces the necessity to purchase new household fixtures. Lastly, by reusing an otherwise disposed piece of furniture, you will significantly benefit the environment by minimising the trash it obtains.

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Revive Your Home Patio with the Upholstery of Your Outdoor Furniture

October 7, 2019

Patios have always been very popular spots to spend lazy, quiet afternoons, or humid evenings, which is why comfortable outdoor furniture is important. Although the practice is not as popular as it used to be, as people are spending more time indoors, there are some who are rediscovering the benefits of spending more time outdoors.

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Upholstery: A Sustainable Solution for Your Old Furniture

September 19, 2019

Upholstery these days can undoubtedly be expensive – especially if you’re looking for more than just the DIY-quasi-disposable sort of furniture that will actually last you more than a couple of years. Short of garage sales and flea market bargain finds, you’d be hard-pressed to find furniture of the same quality and durability as older pieces.

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Common Amateur Upholstery Mistakes that You Should Avoid

September 4, 2019

Whether you rent or own your home, an effective way to transform your living area into a luxurious space is by upgrading your old furniture. Reupholstery is an affordable alternative to purchasing new furniture, and if done correctly can make old and worn furniture look new again.

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Upholstery of Chiropractor and Massage Tables: Contact Absolute Upholstery

August 22, 2019

Medical furniture such as exam tables, chiropractor and massage tables are of paramount importance to chiropractors and massage therapists, as their careers depend on first impressions and repeat business. So, it is important that the furniture they use is in good condition.

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Reuphosltery of Gym Equipment: Why is it Necessary?

August 8, 2019

Managing health and fitness centres requires constant attention to customer service and cleanliness. While new weight lifting and exercise equipment is advantageous to health and fitness centres, keeping existing exercise equipment and gym furniture in good condition is vitally important for a few reasons.

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Reupholstering Old Furniture: Is it Practical and Worth the Cost?

July 18, 2019

If you are like most people who have old furniture that has seen better days, then you will eventually be faced with a decision to replace it at some point. Whether it is a cosy old chair or sofa that has lost its luster, there is an option other than getting rid of it and buying new replacement furniture.

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Recovering Soft Furniture Wear and Tear: Reupholstery is Your Budget-Friendly Solution

July 3, 2019

Do you have pieces of old furniture that have clearly seen better days? Then you may be tempted to replace them with new ones. Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget to purchase new furniture, and, it isn’t easy trying to sell off old furniture, especially pieces that may have sentimental value.

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Dentist Chair Reupholstery: What Makes it a Cost-Saving Idea?

June 17, 2019

One of the most common question people ask in regard to furniture is this, “Is it worth the cost to reupholster old furniture?” When considering the answer, the quality of the furniture is a key factor in deciding to reupholster and invest in furniture repair, or not

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Furniture Upgrade for a Tight Budget: Why is Reupholstery the Best Option?

June 4, 2019

If you just don’t have the money to purchase new furniture for your home, don’t worry because you can give your furniture an affordable upgrade to make it like new again.

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Booth Seating Upholstery in Restaurants: What Type of Fabric Should You Choose?

May 15, 2019

Booth-type chairs are a commonplace sight in many a restaurant. Not only are they employed for very practical and aesthetic reasons, they are likewise the stereotype for what restaurant or diner seating ideally is – a comfortable place to relax and eat.

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Benefits of Reupholstery for Built-in Couches with Upholstered Walls

May 1, 2019

Residential and commercial buildings are seeing more custom designed furnishing than ever before, such as built-in couches with upholstered walls being the most popular.

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Reupholstery: Practical Solution for Scratched or Torn Office Reception Furniture Upholstery

April 16, 2019

When it comes to making a first impression count, no other area of a business is as important as the reception area. A reception area is the very first part of your business people will see, and if your office reception furniture upholstery is scratched and torn, then guests and potential clients and customers will make an assumption about your business that will be less than positive.

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Modernise your Bar by Reupholstering Your Bar Lounges and Stools

April 2, 2019

Bar and pub owners are always looking for ways to fill their seats to boost business, not just on weekends, but during the midweek too.

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Optimise Your Work Space with Custom Made Upholstery

March 18, 2019

Working people spend a lot of time at their desks, every day, sitting in the same chair. Unfortunately, most work spaces are not ergonomically designed and can wreak havoc on the body.

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How to Pick the Right Upholstery Fabric for Office Furniture

March 5, 2019

The type of furniture definitely has an impact on the look of a room, however, what is often misunderstood and overlooked is that upholstery fabric is the ultimate deciding factor that will determine a room’s overall aesthetic appeal.

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Choosing Home Furniture Upholstery: Your Choice of Design Matters

February 22, 2019

Are you searching for just the right upholstery for your home furniture? If you are, then your choice of design matters, as it can greatly enhance the overall décor of your living room, dining room, kitchen, den, or any room in your house.

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Furniture Reupholstery: A Practical Choice

February 14, 2019

Most people these days are conditioned to buy new furniture when their old furniture’s upholstery shows signs of wear and tear.

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When to Reupholster Commercial Chairs and Lounges

January 29, 2019

Eventually, businesses will need to reupholster their chairs and lounges, for good reason. Commercial chairs and lounges are intended to accommodate and seat guests, clients, and visitors comfortably. For any company that values its reputation, investing in the maintenance of their chairs and lounges is vital. Reupholstering old and worn chairs and lounges is a wise financial decision when compared to buying new furniture.

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Home Furniture Upholstery: Why Quality and Design Matters

January 15, 2019

When it comes to upholstery, one now has a wide array of selections to choose from, compared to the exceedingly limited options available in the past. Nowadays, there is an ongoing debate over two very popular upholstery insert options – cotton and foam.

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